Chapter 1 - The Drunken Juggler

The Drunken Juggler (Tavern)

Inside the Drunken Juggler, you meet up with your party.

There is a bar running the length of the back wall, with a staircase on either end of the bar, leading down into the kitchens on the left and the back entrance of the tavern on the right. The main floor of the tavern consists of a large open-plan dining area with round tables, that seat four to six customers, placed haphazardly around the floor in a welcoming way. There are eight tables in all in this area, and two staircases that start in the front of the area, on either side, running up the walls to about halfway across the main dining area to the loft-type secondary area which is exactly half of the size of the floor of the tavern. Four more tables are upstairs.

You spot the rest of the party sitting at the corner table to the left of the front doors, halfway between the stairs and the bar, and half covered by the stairs, most likely for privacy reasons, so you head over and join the table, greeting the black Warlock, named Peretti, and each member of the party in turn as you/they arrive.

Peretti is a wise old wizard, highly skilled in the arts of chicanery, sleight-of-hand, skull-duggery and other forms of maleficium. He explains to you and your accomplices that he wishes for you to go on a quest for him, as he is no longer able to travel, what with the laws of wizardry having a magical effect on keeping him trapped in the town of Nineth, where the tavern you are now in (The Drunken Juggler), is at the epicenter… and therefore will serve as your head-quarters.

Chapter 1 - The Drunken Juggler

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